Friday, 13 January 2012

Where i'm at now....

I've kept up with slimming world and in total lost 2stone to date, still a bit more to go but more of that later.

As for life around me, Ex moved in with the ''she devil'' 10 doors down the road and for a few years saw the boys on a regular basis, this soon turned and now for the last 3yrs Ex has had no contact at all (his choice). The boys have blossomed into to great well adjusted young men. Eldest is at college studying psychology, sociology and law, his grades so far have been good. Youngest is in his 1st year of options and taking catering, photography, IT and loves it all. Both have had the trauma of having braces fitted but now have gorgeous well looked after teeth. Their most recent challenge was a summer holiday with their dads sister and a week of visiting all their family.

Between looking after the family, home, garden and my dogs i also have a keen interest in photography and now can add blogging to the list :-)

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