Friday, 13 January 2012

Where i'm at now....

I've kept up with slimming world and in total lost 2stone to date, still a bit more to go but more of that later.

As for life around me, Ex moved in with the ''she devil'' 10 doors down the road and for a few years saw the boys on a regular basis, this soon turned and now for the last 3yrs Ex has had no contact at all (his choice). The boys have blossomed into to great well adjusted young men. Eldest is at college studying psychology, sociology and law, his grades so far have been good. Youngest is in his 1st year of options and taking catering, photography, IT and loves it all. Both have had the trauma of having braces fitted but now have gorgeous well looked after teeth. Their most recent challenge was a summer holiday with their dads sister and a week of visiting all their family.

Between looking after the family, home, garden and my dogs i also have a keen interest in photography and now can add blogging to the list :-)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Past me ... continued

The past 10yrs I've been really happily married to my soul mate, so much so I've gained nearly 6stone. With the after effects of being in a relationship where Ex controlled my eating habits and insisted i went to the gym 6 times a week to being in a relationship with my soul mate who loved me for me. I lost control a bit and ate all i wanted when i wanted, also hubbs is a great cook who enjoys cooking for me too.

So at 6stone heavy, I've messed about with different diets and exercise until this time last year my sister announced she was getting married ....

aaahhhhhhhhh that means photos lots of photos

together we joined Slimming world and have not looked back :-)

Past me.

I'm the eldest of 4 children, 3 of us girls then eventually a boy. Life growing up was full of the usual girly/sibling arguments. Came away from school with very few qualifications so went to college for another year.

At the very young age of 18 i meet my Ex who turned out to also be the father of my 2 boys. We were together nearly 17yrs, during the first 10 i studied and eventually qualified as a registered general nurse and spent 4 brilliant years working in my dream job on a children's ward.

In 1995 i had my first son and returned back to work quite early, in 1997 i had my 2nd son and became an at home mum. My Ex seemed to have trouble adjusting to family life and unable to give up the life of a night club doorman. Things just seem to go down hill after that and he became a control freak and turned me into someone who jumped when he talked. Any way to cut a long story short i eventually left him, running away with my boys into a women's refuge.

This was the start of our new life, i still remember today i then realised how much he controlled me, as when clothes shopping i could not find anything i liked as i didn't know what i liked or i liked it because i knew Ex would hate it.

We were eventually able to return to the family home and settle into a nice routine. Soon after i meet my soul mate who has become my saviour, life became good again.

Under construction....

mmmmmmm so whats this all about


how i got to me now ?

where i'm at :-/

and where i hope to be !

also along the way i'll learn how to use this blog site and hopefully make it look more appealing.